• 1:1 Learning
    Technology for Every Teacher, Every Student


    One-to-one ("1:1") laptop initiatives are programs seeking to give every student a laptop computer and structure their learning environment around it. While laptops often grab the headline on these projects, what we are witnessing is the wholesale transformation of schools. These buildings are quickly migrating from paper and textbook based systems focused on imparting knowledge from teacher to student into fully digital environments where teachers, students and their families have access to "all the world's knowledge."

    These tools can leverage information in order to achieve a remarkable set of outcomes. Visitors to 1:1 classrooms see teachers and students in "knowledge work" settings that are equipping students with 21st century skills, propelling student achievement forward, improving the professional practice of teachers and enhancing the organizational productivity of these schools. Above all of else, visitors see students focused and engaged in a manner that they have simply never witnessed.


    A 1:1 initiative can only succeed if it includes tools, strategies and practices designed for these environments. In addition, teachers and other staff need professional development, coaching, and support to successfully make the transition from books and paper to computers and technology. Where does a school find these tools?


    Class Drive includes everything a 1:1 school needs to succeed. Tools to create websites, a drop box for assignments, online portfolios and a performance-based assessment system are all available. Class Drive also features a Peer Observation tool for 1:1 classrooms that allows teachers and administrators to collaborate on strategies and best practices. The Lilla G. Fredrick Pilot Middle School and the Berkshires Wireless Learning Initiative are successfully using Class Drive to help implement their 1:1 initiatives.

    Finally, and just as important, 1000 Paces provides end-to-end professional learning support. Change is difficult, and if people are not comfortable it will not succeed. 1000 Paces understands that, which is why we provide full support and training. It is also why we have created "Happy Tools for Education!"