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    Exemplary Programs for At-Risk Youth


    California’s Model Continuation High Schools provide programs to at-risks students through innovative instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, and guidance and counseling services. Students involved in these programs are often credit deficient or need a flexible schedule due to family obligations, work schedules or other needs.


    Create a web-based application to help the Model Continuation High Schools achieve their goals of providing innovative instruction to these at-risk students. In addition, create an application that gives these high schools a common framework for reaching these goals, tracking student and school performance, and sharing resources.


    The Class Drive-powered MCHSnet is designed to support rigorous alternative school settings for the students served by programs at Model Continuation High Schools. During the 2007-08 school year, up to three of these schools will participate in a pilot project using MCHSnet. Goals of the pilot project include:

    • Increase student achievement through the use of performance-based learning and assessment;
    • Create meaningful connections between the mastery of state standards and credit award for students; and
    • Foster engaging 21st century learning environments both in and out of school
    MCHSnet's new Class Drive application allows continuation high schools to share a common framework for:
    • Performance-based lesson development
    • Student standards tracking/reporting (grade book & report cards)
    • Student portfolios and personal development plans
    • Electronic drop box
    • Class websites and more

    MCHSnet is also designed to help schools share resources across the MCHS network and facilitate interaction between school teams and the MCHS community at large.