• JFYNetworks
    Innovative Learning Solutions


    JFYNetWorks was founded in 1976 to help inner-city high school dropouts find jobs. From there evolved a tutoring program in the 1970s, competency-based GED and pre-GED curricula in the 1980s, a youth entrepreneurship program in the middle 1980s, an alternative high school diploma program in 1987, and a specialized reading program in 1990.  At the core of JFYNet is it’s organizational character- building strong relationships and connections between the labor market and the community to better develop and implement successful educational and training programs.


    In response to the rapidly changing labor market, JFYNetWorks has continued to evolve new strategies that address the training needs of a skills-deficient labor pool and the increasingly specialized needs of industry. But how can this expertise be expanded on to better prepare younger students to enter the increasingly difficult job market? How do we leverage 21st century tools to increase student engagement, improve learning results and open new pathways to student success?


    Three new elements built on a customized Class Drive Platform, have been added to the JFYNet portfolio: real time assessment, middle and high school science and new web-based instructional material.  JFYNet’s new instructional packages include student assessments, instructional delivery, technology support, and professional development for teachers and administrators.  In collaboration with JFYNet, Class Drive designs, develops and delivers customized programs to meet the unique needs of each school and classroom.