• Biographies

    Matt Mervis, CEO & Co-Founder

    Matt Mervis provides design, implementation and leadership support for next generation digital learning tools and environments.

    For over fifteen years, Matt Mervis has supported school and community change initiatives based on the needs of districts, municipalities, professional development organizations, and government agencies including the departments of education and labor for several states. 

    Ron Miles, CTO & Co-Founder

    Ron Miles handles design, architecture and engineering for Class Drive and other initiatives at 1000 Paces.

    For almost fifteen years, Ron has worked on technology issues in both the business and educational sectors.  He has the vision to balance cutting edge technology with the needs of real users.  

    Alicia Holden, Director of Community Development

    Alicia Holden has a decade of experience in project management and institutional research in a variety of disciplines. Supporting initiatives in education, technology, healthcare, and economic development, Alicia has been successful in building and managing client/customer relationships from project design through implementation to the management of end user support and project evaluation.